What’s next?

Social media managers, bloggers, app designers, big data analysts - these are current jobs that didn’t exist over 10 years ago. The evolving digital world has had a huge impact on businesses, as having an online presence today is essential to one’s success. There are also many more jobs to come in the future, including positions... Continue Reading →


Creating relevant ideas and entertainment that provides customer value – that’s what content marketing is all about. This goes beyond traditional advertisements and trying to sell products to customers, whereby companies provide useful content that’s attractive to consumers. Content marketing can come in many different forms, including vlogs, how-to videos, FAQs etc. It’s proven to be preferable to... Continue Reading →

Social success

Social media is filled with lots of content that’s #sponsored and #ad. Why is this advertising so frequently used? This form of digital marketing has become more commonly utilised, as it’s essentially a more personal recommendation, making it more trustworthy. This refers to influencers who are seen as real people endorsing a product. As brands create successful relationships... Continue Reading →

Ad overload

Before almost every YouTube video lies an advertisement waiting to be watched, and a skip button you’re dying to click in 5. Facebook also has video advertisements in the middle of many videos and games.  These free apps rely on advertisements as their main revenue stream. Users get access to free content or services, but they’ll... Continue Reading →

Where are you?

Tuned out, earphones in, looking down at their phone; sounds like something we all see and do ourselves on a daily basis? With everyone being more and more glued to their phones nowadays, it’s opened up new doors for marketers. It provides more detailed information about users, as geolocation data is readily at their fingertips.  What... Continue Reading →

Is this organic?

These days, if your company isn’t at the top of the Google’s page, let alone the first page, you’re simply not relevant. When keywords of products you’re selling are searched, and you aren’t in that top spot, something needs to change.  Search engine marketing involves techniques of search engine optimisation and paid search marketing, to promote... Continue Reading →

Win Big

Data is big. In the past two years alone, 90% of the world’s data had been created. The world we live in has become increasingly more digitalised, which has provided businesses with new intelligence.  Data analytics allows firms to gain better insights into their areas of need, in order to make better decisions. Services, such as Google Analytics which... Continue Reading →

Keep in touch

The customer marketing experience has evolved into a multidimensional approach. It targets consumer’s affective, behavioural, cognitive, sensorial and social responses to an organisation’s product or service, during their customer journey. Marketing, in particular digital marketing nowadays, plays a significant role in creating an excellent customer experience. This journey includes the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase stages. Image: Source A... Continue Reading →

What is effective digital marketing?

I’m sure most of you have all used Uber at least once, if not many times, because it’s a cheap and easy alternative when needing a ride. Uber operates across 65 countries, with 75 million riders and 3 million drivers, completing 15 million trips per day.  Their net revenue was $7.5 billion in 2017. When looking at... Continue Reading →

Has digital marketing crossed the line?

Digital marketing is essentially the use of electronic avenues to communicate to consumers – using technology to do marketing. Digital marketing has impacted consumer’s experiences online, as it has become increasingly more personalised. However, is this a bad thing?  One example is Netflix and their personalised recommendations, based on the information they receive from what we,... Continue Reading →

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